Thurs 3 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
Sunday 6 Aug
Cafe Church
Informal worship cafe style
Jeremy will be introducing the recent Talking Jesus research
Sun 13 Aug
Morning worship 11am
led by Worship Team
Thurs 17 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
Sunday 20 Aug
Worship Lunch
worship seated at tables before a delicious roast lunch
If you would like to attend please contact Len or Trina.
Sun 27 Aug
Morning Worship led by the Worship Team
Thurs 31 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
Editing the site is now very simple. Just login and you will see edit icons on your homepage. Hover your mouse over these icons and notes appear on what the icon does. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

The essence of editing a 2day website is first go to the actual point that you want to edit or add to and then click the nearest icon – either next to the point or above!

Do Search Engines Drive You Crazy?!

Cut out the frustration of trawling through pages and pages of “less than useful” sites with a 2day Microportal.


Microportals differ from conventional websites in that they provide a complete and relevant personal focus on to the Internet.  They cut out search engines but still deliver a full range of information on just about every subject under the sun!  2Day have done all the work for you by filtering out irrelevant and time wasting sites. 2Day researches the best and most relevant sites so you can click on simple, clear menus to find the information you want.


Type your (or any UK) postcode into a Microportal, and the whole site focuses on where YOU are.  So, you can immediately find nursery schools, flower shops or taxis near you.  In addition to useful and relevant services like these, the microportal is a mine of information on just about every subject you could think of – from financial matters such as mortgages and pensions, to dinner party recipes and holidays. There are daily-updated witty and financial messageboards together with a live newsfeed,  a local and Google search facility, and, in many cases, really local information about your local village/town or city.


You will find a microportal really useful as your homepage – everything you want to know is within a few clicks.  Local and global information at your fingertips – no more trawling through pages and pages of search engine results. 


Microportals have a myriad of uses and are currently used by businesses, schools, Armed Forces, communities, churches and individuals.



A business microportal will have a company’s information at its core – so that customers can access all the company’s details as they would through a conventional website.  However, the microportal also gives both customers and company employees access to huge amounts of useful information not to be found on the company’s ordinary website which, of course, is there simply to promote the company’s products: be that plastic piping or hotel accommodation.  For example, a microportal enables the hotel customer to find out about the local area around the hotel before and during their stay.



Most schools now have their own conventional school websites. These are of course invaluable for informing would-be parents what a school has to offer and where it is, how many pupils, etc.  However, a microportal takes the school to a new level of interaction with its parents: a message regarding, say, school closure or match cancellation due to bad weather, can be sent to every parent within seconds of such a decision being taken.   Instant communication together with standard school information plus 2Day’s full microportal access to the best sites on the Internet will make the school microportal a much-used resource.


Armed Forces

Microportals are fantastically useful for Service Personnel and their families. Each UK army, navy and RAF base has a 2Day microportal giving personnel instant access to information about the area they are stationed in.


A 2Day microportal will have community information at its heart – giving members of that community immediate and simple access to local knowledge.  In addition, the microportal gives users a host of other relevant and easily-accessed material: this is especially important for people who might not be computer-literate and who simply want to turn on their computer to immediately see what is happening in their community.  As a bonus, the site will also tell them the latest world news, a daily anecdote and give links to a host of useful information.



Microportals are particularly useful for churches – which need to get their information out to their local community.  In contrast to a conventional church website which simply lists church services and the name of the priest, a microportal will not only have that necessary information but it will also have just about everything else anyone using the site can want to know: from the date of the church bazaar to booking a flight to Zurich online!



Microportals can be a wonderful, personal resource for individuals – upload your own personal favourite links, put up photos etc. and use the microportal as your homepage for instant access to worldwide information.