Morning Worship

Sun 3rd Jan 11am

led by
Peter Daniel
Sunday 10 Dec 11am
Due to pandemic, we are not having in-person worship for the time being. Please do download our weekly worship sheets or fortnightly worship videos above. Or if you would like to be contacted please send us a message via the contact page link at the bottom of this page.
With every blessing in this difficult time.

We have produced  weekly worship sheets throughout the Coronvirus lockdown.
Click here 
for the archive of all 20 sheets.
Gyms and Fitness Centres with cardio-vascular and weights equipment in EX23

Also listed for the Bude area: Fitness and Health & Nutrition Consultants , Saunas, Slimming Products & Services, Solariums & Tanning Salons

Nearest Gyms

Bude Gym

8B, Kings Hill Industrial Estate, Bude EX23 8QN, UK – 07814 699285

Best gym in Bude - open 5am - 10pm every day, always open including holidays (even Christmas day!).

Brilliant gym, friendly staff who know exactly what they're talking about, would definitely recommend!

The Yoga Studio

Kings Hill Industrial Estate, Kings Hill, Bude EX23 8QN, UK – 07760 992740

I love the calming affect Yoga at Rosie's class has on me. Focusing on the breath at the beginning of the class helps me still my mind. I am learning to be more patient with my body and my mind as well as developing a greater awareness of the ego! I am very grateful for what this practice is teaching me.

At the tender age of 63 I started Yoga because I found myself less flexible and have suffered Ill health due to stress problems. I could not have been made more welcome by Rosie, the class included people of my own age and the excercises and calming “thought” processes I find very helpful. I should have started years ago but later late than never.

Bude Yoga & therapy space

18 Queen St, Bude EX23 8BB, UK – 07929 661245

Holidaying in Bude and have already been to 2 classes and booked a private session with Debbie. The classes are both stimulating and very relaxing. Feel great after. Thoroughly recommend Debbie and the space is lovely. Classes max 6/8