Thurs 3 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
Sunday 6 Aug
Cafe Church
Informal worship cafe style
Jeremy will be introducing the recent Talking Jesus research
Sun 13 Aug
Morning worship 11am
led by Worship Team
Thurs 17 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
Sunday 20 Aug
Worship Lunch
worship seated at tables before a delicious roast lunch
If you would like to attend please contact Len or Trina.
Sun 27 Aug
Morning Worship led by the Worship Team
Thurs 31 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
In terms of programme style BBC regional programmes sound like Radio 2 but with lots of local news and content mixed in Just click below for the full list of BBC stations. You will find the one serving Cornwall.

This IPlayer link also allows you to instantly navigate to any BBC Radio station.

Listen to Radio 1. This is the BBC's pop music station. The channel was born out of the Pirate Pop Stations of the 1960's. All the DJs and of Radio Caroline etc migrated straight over the the new BBC Radio 1 when it started broadcasting on September 30, 1967
Listen to Radio 2. The BBC says "Amazing music. Played by an amazing line-up. The home of great music, entertainment and documentaries". We would say mostly non classical music for the 30 plus age group!
Listen to Radio 3. Classical music - all of it including modern classical music. Personally go to Classic FM for the classics and things I might know. Watch out for Composers of the week). You might get a whole week of Beethoven or someone really good at music! (Go on write in and tell me off!) The great thing is that everything is on Radio 3. You can always switch over.
Listen to Radio 4. For those who don't know Radio 4 is essentially one of the few purely speech based channels not only in the UK but the world. It has an extraordinary reputation for quality news, current affairs, drama, culture and comedy programming. Don't forget that you can catchup on BBC Iplayer if you miss something - See more at:
If you can't get FM or digital click below to go straight to Radio 4 Longwave. Also if you want to hear Test Match Special in its' entirety this channel will be your best choice.
Listen to Radio 5 Live. Sport, News and crucially another way to hear Test Cricket if you don't do Long Wave
Radio Scotland - BBC 2 with Scottish news and content
Listen to other stations including 1Xtra from the BBC Rap & Hip Hop - The Home of New Black Music, Classic FM Classical Requests, movies, news, interviews and, most importantly, great classical music, Heart FM Soft Rock , Jazz FM Jazz ranging from funk to fusion, big band to be-bop, Latin, blues, and more, Ministry of Sound Radio Dance Live digital dance music from London, CN Soho Live Dance Tomorrow's dance music today, TOTALROCK The hardest rock on the planet, TotallyRadio � Reggae, Virgin Radio, World Radio Network Sports Global Voices, Diverse Views.
Listen to Radio Ulster
Listen to Radio Wales - BBC 2 in Wales - with lots of Welsh
Initially Classic FM. was a 'really popular' classical music introduced by actors with throat problems. Additionally many of the performances played were 'racey'. However that has all changed. The people introducing the music now often know about it - and don't seem to have throat issues. The performances can be great and the music is usually more accessible than that on BBC Radio 3. You will get used to the ads?