Thurs 3 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
Sunday 6 Aug
Cafe Church
Informal worship cafe style
Jeremy will be introducing the recent Talking Jesus research
Sun 13 Aug
Morning worship 11am
led by Worship Team
Thurs 17 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon
Sunday 20 Aug
Worship Lunch
worship seated at tables before a delicious roast lunch
If you would like to attend please contact Len or Trina.
Sun 27 Aug
Morning Worship led by the Worship Team
Thurs 31 Aug
Coffee Morning
in the School Room
Just drop in anytime between 10.30am and 12 noon

Super Virus or Malware hunting!

Hopefully you will be largely protected if you keep your virus checker up-to-date. However occasionally a new one will get through. This section is all about hunting them down.

The key thing to remember is that not all virus or malware detectors will detect all the threats all the time. This means that you sometimes need to use several together. These are the ones on our developers list.

If your computer is running slowly or is doing weird things jump straight into action. Assuming that your Firewall is live and up-to-date and that you basic virus software (AVG or McAfee etc) is similarly in place and current I would suggest that you run Malwarebytes which can often find and destroy a virus that has slipped through. If all is still not well try HitmanPro or ComboFix. Combofix will need you to to uninstall most virus checkers which is a nuisance but anything to beat the virus!
AVG has been a standby for years. It used to slow machines down but it does not seem to nowadays. The free version is fine but if you want to relax completely get the paid for one. This said you can still get a virus if you are not back up-to-date everyday. The link below is for the free one but it iseasy to upgrade - actually is is quite difficult not to!

This is the real thing! Combofix is usually only used by professionals as it requiries all your anti virus software to be uninstalled - and then of course reinstalled after the programme has run. It works at a very deep level and we have never found that it missed anything. So if you get stuck or want a clean start, backup and try this. (We will obviously not take an responsibility for any problems - but you should'nt have any provided you do exactly what it says.) Good luck!

A good free one to hunt down missed malware. You can buy it to set it up to run automatically
Mcafee will give you a free exhaustive scan - which will find viruses often not picked up by other scanners. You can buy it too!