You are invited to

Coffee Morning at the Chapel 10.30 to 12 noon
on Thurs 21 March

Just drop in and enjoy tea, coffee and biscuits in the company of other Week St Mary people
Morning Worship Sunday 24 Mar 11am

Morning Worship led by

David Rhodes and the Worship Team
Come along to our next House Group meeting

Tuesday 28 Mar at 12 Ashbury Grove at 7.30 pm.

Everyone welcome
Morning Worship

led by The Worship Team

11am Sun 31 March
Cafe Church

informal worship and reflection with tea, coffee and biscuits

Guest speaker: Peter Daniel

Sunday 7 April at 6.30pm
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The Church Times has become the world's leading Anglican weekly newspaper. It has always been independent of the Church of England. It was a family concern until 1989, when ownership passed to Hymns Ancient & Modern, a Christian charitable trust. The Church Times was started to campaign for Anglo-Catholic principles, which it did with vigour! But in the 1940s and '50s the paper began the move to broaden its outlook and coverage. It now attempts to provide balanced and fair reporting of events and opinions across the whole range of Anglican affairs.
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An alternative news website that, from a position of commitment, looks objectively at religious trends in an accessible rather than cynical way. A unique blend of iconoclasm and devotion, where the ridiculous is vigorously exposed and genuine spirituality actively pursued.

Spiritually Feeds

Letting Go of Your Thoughts

In the practice of Mindful Christianity and centering prayer, we learn to meditate by sitting in a quiet position and attitude for twenty minutes. We prepare our hearts and minds intending to make ourselves available and open to focus upon the awareness of God’s presence. By using a sacred word as a focal point, we […]

Letting Go of the Attachments in Our Minds

The practice of Mindful Christianity, contemplative and centering prayer is the spiritual discipline of letting go of the attachments we have with the thoughts, emotions, and words in our heads.  In releasing and letting go of the attachments in our minds, we create a sacred space where God transcends the silent moments with His presence […]

Meditation: Just Do It

Just do it are the famous three words that made Nike a household name. It implied whatever the activity do whatever it takes to get it done. A significant hindrance in practicing Mindful Christianity or any meditation is I just don’t want to practice it right now. There are a thousand reasons not to spend […]

You are Your Own Worst Enemy

You are your own worst enemy thinking you are the only one that has a problem or could behave the way you do. You tend to isolate yourself from making new friends afraid of being exposed as a fraud. You fear people will discover you’re not as smart or as accomplished as you need to […]